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Harness the Power of Nature

The development of our groundbreaking products has been a long and rewarding journey.  We have always been passionate about deepening our knowledge, and we love to apply what we learn to providing useful new tools for growers to improve their crops without harmful environmental side-effects.  Always drawn forward by our curiosity, we began by taking a highly targeted approach to applied microbiology.  This led us to the introduction of a novel process in the development of bacterial consortia and eventually the creation of MIICROBIAL MASS.  We then turned our attention to harnessing the power of molecular plant effectors with our newest product, ChitoSal.  And we are currently following our curiosity down other fascinating avenues that will lead to even more exciting new ways to boost plant performance and maximize crops.  We love our work and we can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on with growers everywhere!

When Science Meets Nature

Our goal is to create products that help growers achieve the most vigorous and productive crops possible in a way that has no negative effects on the environment. After years of research we have harnessed a consortium of beneficial bacteria that is 100% organic and gives you much larger root mass, faster plant growth and better overall plant vigor.

Every day more growers become aware of the consequences that their growing practices have on the natural world and begin to look for ways to reduce the negative environmental impacts of their crop production. By utilizing naturally occurring soil bacteria and powerful plant effector molecules, MIICROBIAL MASS and ChitoSal offer solutions to cultivators seeking to maximize plant yield while minimizing environmental harm. Through the application of biology, our customers are able to enhance plant growth and product quality in the safest, cleanest ways possible without sacrificing their financial wellbeing.


Our Guarantee

The application of high standards of analysis, traceability and transparency is an essential element of our business model. This is why all MIICROBIAL MASS and ChitoSal products have a clearly visible lot number on each bottle, referring to the production date and the Certificate of Analysis (CoA). The analyses are performed by professionals in a certified laboratory following standardized protocols and approved by regulatory agencies. We guarantee that our products contain no traces of contamination, pathogenic organism or heavy metals. In addition, we ensure the uniformity and quality of our products by respecting the minimum viable spore per gram for each bacteria. All information relating to CoA is available on our website. We thank you for your confidence.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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