ChitoSal Feeding Charts

ChitoSal Feeding Charts & Application Rates

Recommended Application Rates

ChitoSal serves as a valuable addition to help maximize yield and produce superior quality products in any feeding program. It only needs to be applied once every two weeks. The first application is one week before transition to flower. The first two applications are applied as a foliar spray at a dilution of 1.25 ml/L of water. ChitoSal is safe to use up until harvest.

The following applications are applied to the root zone at a dilution of 2.5 ml/L of water.


Table displaying the recommended application rate of ChitoSal.
Table displaying an optional application rate of ChitoSal.


ChitoSal Feeding Charts

The following feeding charts provide guidance on how to successfully incorporate ChitoSal into some of the leading nutrient programs available.

DISCLAIMER: Feeding charts supplied have not been created by our company and are merely here to show incorporation of ChitoSal or MIICROBIAL MASS with your favorite nutrient feed schedule. Feeding charts are to be used as a guideline for your favorite nutrient feed schedule. Every garden may have different vegetative and flowering times and application may need to change accordingly.

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