Maximizing Quality With ChitoSal

  By:  Christian Arcand At Peaks Culture, we value quality above all other considerations.  The days when cultivators could succeed by pumping out high volume, low-grade products are long gone, so we’ve designed our cultivation program to allow us to consistently produce the highest quality product possible.  Quality over everything. ... more

“Running Sterile” With MIICROBIAL MASS?

We hear from growers all the time who are interested in trying MIICROBIAL MASS but are not sure if it will work in their system.  Usually this is either because they are worried about biofilm buildup, or they are using products containing hypochlorous acid or hydrogen peroxide which are intended... more

How to Build a Super Soil

In some ways, super soil represents a radical departure from “conventional” horticulture and may be regarded as an exciting new development.  Viewed from a different perspective however, super soil may be seen as a return to a more traditional approach based on centuries-old cultivation techniques.  Some growers are attracted to... more

Organic Nutrients 101

More and more growers and gardeners are becoming interested in organic cultivation as a clean and safe alternative to conventional agriculture and synthetic fertilizers.  But the world of organic nutrients can be overwhelming to the uninitiated.  Here, we provide a brief overview of many of the most common organic fertilizer... more