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How MIICROBIAL MASS PRO Increased Yields at Altacan By More Than 25%

by Max Petitclerc      At Altacan, the values of environmental sustainability and regenerative agriculture are core to our mission.

We grow in living soil beds using organic inputs. We build soil life with worms, microbes, and fungi to replicate nature indoors and to be able to recycle the same soil over as many production cycles as possible. All of our wastewater is captured and filtered so that no fertilizer runoff from the grow rooms or waste water from our hash-making operation enters the environment.

This approach has always worked really well for me. Not only does living soil growing align with my personal values, but in my experience, this is the best way to produce high-quality flower and extracts.

The Challenges of High-Sodium Compost Teas

Historically, I have always relied heavily on aerated compost teas as an important part of my program to boost the soil life at certain key moments during the cycle. After all, having the right biology is the key to success in any living soil garden.

One of the challenges that we have faced at Altacan is that many of the compost products available in our region tend to be high in sodium. We’ve managed to build really high-quality soils that are working well for our production, but we have to be very careful not to drive up the EC and sodium content of our soil any higher than it already is or we could see signs of toxicity in our plants.

Compost teas are a great way to add beneficial microbes, but every tea recipe I have used in the past also brings a nutrient charge that I cannot always afford depending on our soil analysis results. I knew I needed to find a different option to counter that problem.


A grower at Altacan mixing MIICROBIAL MASS PRO in a measuring container.  A grower at Altacan applying MIICROBIAL MASS PRO.


MIICROBIAL MASS PRO: A New Approach for Boosting Soil Life at Altacan

This is why I started experimenting with MIICROBIAL MASS PRO. I knew I needed a solution that would give me the beneficial microbes I need, without driving up my soil EC over time and save me some man hours cleaning dirty reservoirs.

MIICROBIAL MASS PRO is clean, consistent, and highly effective. The results I have seen are extremely positive. I ran a preliminary grow trial and one of our cultivars saw a 25.9% increase in dry weight yield. You wouldn’t have thought it was possible to increase yield so dramatically by adding just one product, but I ran the tests and the data is clear.


I ran a preliminary grow trial and one of our cultivars saw a 25.9% increase in dry weight yield.


The other strain we tested showed a more modest increase, indicating that there may be an interesting genetic component at play when it comes to the effects of different microbial communities on crops. This is why I always recommend to run tests on each cultivar before going full scale with a new product. Nevertheless, both cultivars we tested saw significant increases in yield.

MIICROBIAL MASS PRO is also a very important part of our cloning SOP, allowing us to produce fully rooted, ready-for-transplant clones in just seven days. As a living soil grower, I find that it is an optimal way to introduce microbial life to the roots right from day one.

As a business operator, the ROI on this product is clear. It saves time and reduces labor costs, and it maximizes yield and product quality. MIICROBIAL MASS PRO does not cost our company money.

It makes money.


Max Petitclerc, Head Grower at Altacan Bioresources
About the Author: Max Petitclerc is Head Grower at Altacan Bioresources located in St-Tite-des Caps, Quebec.