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How Peaks Culture Maximized Quality with ChitoSal

by Christian Arcand       At Peaks Culture we value quality above all other considerations. The days when cultivators could succeed by pumping out high volume, low-grade products are long gone, so we’ve designed our cultivation program to allow us to consistently produce the highest quality product possible. Quality over everything.

Harnessing Industry Experience to Identify Top Horticultural Tools

In order to prepare ourselves for this competitive marketplace, we’ve invested significant time and energy into R&D. We’ve spent the last few years developing our unique genetic library and running extensive testing on cultivation techniques, nutrient programs, and additives.

This area is one where I have an unfair advantage.

In addition to many years of cultivation experience, I also have a background as a hydroponic retail store manager. In this role, I’ve seen hundreds of products come and go as the industry progressed and developed. This experience has been enormously useful as it has allowed me to identify the tools I need to succeed, utilizing the best products and practices the industry has to offer.

Side-by-Side Trials: ChitoSal’s Impact on Different Peaks Culture Cultivars

I’ve tried various chitosan products in the past, many of which boast of enhanced flower quality and improved potency. Unfortunately, I’ve had very limited success with most of these. ChitoSal from MIIM Horticulture is different. It is formulated to be way more effective with fewer applications, representing a major technological step forward.


I see better trichome density on treated plants, and buds that just glisten with frost.”


I have run several side-by-side trials using ChitoSal on different cultivars over the past few years, and the results have always been impressive. I see better trichome density on treated plants, and buds that just glisten with frost. The difference in bag appeal is obvious to the naked eye. That is reason enough to implement ChitoSal in our program.

However, I am most impressed when I inspect our product under a microscope. I find that the glandular trichomes are larger on the treated plants, with thicker and longer stalks and significantly larger heads. And this observation has been repeated across multiple tests, demonstrating a tremendous increase in quality from the simple addition of this one input.

Our mission as a company is to deliver a craft product of the very highest quality for our customer base. We do this by growing the best genetics we can find under tightly controlled conditions with just the right nutrient regime to bring out the full genetic potential of our crops. ChitoSal is an important part of our program.


A GIF of two Peaks Culture growers inside their growroom.
About the Author: Christian Arcand is Head Grower at Peaks Culture (Culture Des Sommets), a family business located in Quebec, Canada.


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